‘you’re the light over me…’

Quick post today. Being in transit is never my most ideal state, I generally can’t find my socks, keys or common sense but I’ve been trying hard to see the bright side in this upheaval. Like the wrong turn I took yesterday which guided me along a road I’d never been upon before. It was a longer route, certainly, but I got where I wanted to be and enjoyed magical vista’s I didn’t know even existed. Which made me realize that a destination is merely a point but it’s the journey that matters most… allow the unknown path to reveal secrets and treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

And speaking of dreams, one of my favourite songs of the last quarter is ‘The Dreamer’. It’s not really sung by a band so much as performed by the genuis Kristian Matsson under an intriguing artistic title The Tallest Man on Earth. A multi-talented muso, Swedish Kristian plays guitar, banjo and piano as well as penning his own hauntingly beautiful and poetic songs. His sound could be described as ‘alternate folk blues’ (if there’s such a term?) and has been likened to Bob Dylan (who I thought was dead but have learned is still very much alive, producing new music and performing – a point I can happily add to my ‘things you discover after a breakup’ list… but that’s another story).

So here is the tallest man on earth, Kristian Matsson:

… I’m just a dreamer but I’m hanging on * though I am nothing big to offer * I watch the birds, how they dive in then gone * it’s like nothing in this world’s ever still… 

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