taking flight…

a feast of LIFE!

It happens (suddenly sometimes): you see ‘the light’, experience the truth and find yourself spreading you wings. You’re free! It’s been happening over the course of this week: Monday I went an intuitive healer, things started to shift. I saw Ouroboros on Wednesday, the serpent swallowed it’s tail. Liez joined me for a magical jaunt out into the winelands yesterday, I felt life shiver and shudder and flood my veins with fire. I visited my uncle in hospital and drank fabulous whiskey, made peace. Opened my scarred scarlet heart wide open to the world, felt love. And damn! does it feel good!

I realize what beautiful, wise, powerful, funny and totally inspiring woman I have as friends. They celebrate life’s magic (amidst the chaos and grit and grime) every chance they get. They make tough choices with integrity because they intuit their intrinsic worth. They are compassionate, vulnerable, quirky and kind. This is for my sistas – who ‘are doing it for themselves’. And doing a fcuking brilliant job at it! I stand in awe and respekt, ladies. You rock. All of you…

This a poem that’s pertinent today as it was 2 years ago when I penned it. Here’s to being brave and strong and true…

Taking Back

It ends
like this
on a full moon:
“I’m taking back
MY power!”

far too long
feeling ill exhausted
by biological betrayal
the cancerous lies
a constant shipwreck
smashed repeatedly
on the reef
of your choice
each wave
- not me

well, now…
I’ve had enough
of not
being enough
I’m not
so strong
(only human)
I’m done
with this

now's my chance
I get to choose
!my choice!

I choose
from you
no more
its over
I’m starting
anew –
there’s no space
for you…

Scar*let in sunshine...

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