the king…

... and all his men (image via

and all his men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again. But before you think I’ve lost the vestiges of my mind, this is not a post about childhood nursery rhymes (I was more for having my socks scared off by Peter and The Wolf or weeping inconsolably at the melancholic beauty of The Snow Goose, on vinyl  – of course!) but about music. And the strange ways it finds me.

As you recall, last Wednesday saw me weak at the knees with a migraine that took 3 myprodols and 2 pandos face on – and laughed. Cue to me crashing on the lounge floor of my friend, Timmy, the pain effectively rendering me sorely unfit to dare driving home. In a thoughtful attempt to ease my suffering, he turned on the DSTV music channel, to keep my mind off, erhm, my mind. Through a messy fug, I managed to recognise and remember two songs – the first belonging to a group I already knew (The Gaslight Anthem – more about them later) and the other, well, it all came down to words, really.

The ‘other’ band’s called, intrudingly enough: Wolf Gang (nudge, nudge: see link – Peter and…?) but really it’s just the elaborate stage name for the ridiculously talented Scott, Max McElligott. The song which caught both ear and eye was Lions in Cages.

The music video’s pretty cool in a postmodern conceptual fly-your-Wild Things-freak-flag-high kinda way but The King and All His Men had me at ‘hello’. First: it’s refreshing to see a supposedly British band with some semi decent geneage (young Max is rakishly attractive – think Jude Law meets The Camel Man, hmmmmm) and his Celtic accent adds an air of mystique. Second: the video is old school romantic, full of vintage charm, coming of age drama and oceans of unrequited love. A winning combination. Their first album, curiously entitled Suego Faults (is there such a place? no – it’s a dreamt of utopia straight out of Max’s wolf wild imagination) is out now. Worth getting your paws on…

… and if you’re dealing in a trick of the light * I need to see her face for one last time …

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